Movistar On

Telefonica Mexico launched their new sub brand with ItsOn’s downloadable client and saw a 15% increase in ARPU and acquired 1M customers in 6 months.

Control & Rewards

The ItsOn-powered Movistar On digital marketplace offers:
– A-la-carte offerings for voice, text & data
– Apps bundles with different data allowances for added digital services such as games, music and video.
– Coupons and rewards.

Power & Agility

“Launching Movistar On in 2016 gave our customers a new digital experience that is unique in the mobile marketplace. This new and enhanced service we just launched with ItsOn allows us to compete in the Mexican mobile market beyond price. It gives our customers the level of transparency and control they desire while providing value and an enjoyable experience they expect from today’s service providers.”
– Renan Leal, Chief Revenue Officer for Telefónica Mexico.

Jawwy from STC

Jawwy provides unique digital experiences demanded by a growing millennial population. With ItsOn, STC-Jawwy reached the highest NPS in the region.

The Future of Mobile

“Jawwy is our re-invention of mobile services and user experiences to make us more agile, more relevant and more personal for our subscribers. We believe it is the future of mobile.”

A Better Experience

“Consumers across the world increasingly demand a better mobile experience with more control, transparency and personalization of their plans, which wouldn’t normally be possible due to the limitations of legacy IT systems. ItsOn will help us deliver the most enjoyable mobile digital experience to our users.” – Subhra Das, CEO of Jawwy