Streamlined Signup

Getting a customer activated should be a snap. Now with ItsOn new users can be up and running in just a few clicks.

Hand Crafted Plans

The store section of your app allows customers to easily browse targeted offers to build a set of combos, app specific plans, and value added services that perfectly match their needs. Want a more streamlined experience? ItsOn can also assign a targeted plan on top up so users don’t spend a moment disconnected.

Online Support

No more calls to customer service or waiting in line to have a question answered. Now users can easily open up a quick chat get the help they need.

Secure Payment

Credit, debit, voucher, top-up card, you name it, now customers can pay for services right in the app. Cards can be securely stored and charged for recurring plans.

Control & Transparency

Up to the minute data on your data usage? We’ve got you covered. Customers can upgrade, get add ons, and share services without ever contacting customer service.