Business Loan

Do you already have a stable job yet you are also planning to put into action your dreams of having a business where you won’t just earn an extra monthly income but fulfill your ambition to put up a business that suits your interest?

Starting a business isn’t easy particularly the amount of money you are going to need for the business that is why a lot of starters would opt to apply for a loan. There are many types of loans you can find in the market today, and there are also several lenders where you can have your loan.

How to Find the Right Loan?
Thinking of the right loan for you may seem easy, but it is not. Loans will be repaid for years and months thus if you have chosen the wrong type of loan, the money that you will be earning from your business might be not enough to repay your loan. So, here are tips on how you can find the right loan for your needs:

● How much do you need?
When applying for a loan, it is vital that you already know the amount of money you need. If you have applied for a loan to fund a business, you can research ahead of time how much is the investment costs of that business.

Some lenders would offer you a larger loan amount than how much you intend to borrow, and it may seem a good idea to grab this kind of offer, you also must think twice. Applying for a bigger loan would mean that you are going to repay a bigger monthly repayment too which is not a practical decision for borrowers.

● How much is the interest rate?
All licensed moneylenders in Singapore such as those found in, have their own interest rates that would depend too with the kind of loan you are applying and the loan amount. Since there are already a lot of lenders you can find in the country today, it is best if you are going to do your research and check every lender so you can compare their offers especially the interest rate.

When asking for the interest rate, you must talk to their representative so that you are confident that you can get the right information you need for your loan.

● What is the repayment term?
After you have asked for the interest rate, you shouldn’t forget to ask about the repayment terms also. Loans can be paid for months or years, and if you already know their repayment terms, you can now compute the monthly repayment and determine whether you can afford it.

Be a Responsible Borrower
Some may think that your responsibility will end the moment you received your money, it is not. After you got your money, make sure that you would repay your loan accordingly; this isn’t just beneficial to the lender only but also to you as a borrower because everything happens on your debts will be reflected on your credit history and having a bad credit history isn’t good for your next loan.