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{on-device} intelligence

ItsOn is helping mobile operators unlock the next generation of engaging mobile services.


ItsOn now

ItsOn gives mobile network operators unprecedented control over the entire customer experience by enabling the ability to design and deploy new types of service plans in minutes rather than months. The ItsOn platform simplifies and consolidates the end-to-end creation and deployment of mobile policies and services.

Reduce operation costs, increase customer loyalty and quickly respond to market trends—today.

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seamless self-service

Change the out-of-box experience and drastically reduce customer care costs with {on-device} self-service to view, purchase and manage plans. Customers can activate their own plans and devices without the need for customer service or sales representatives.


deep device controls

Customers can control app-level access to the devices on their accounts by setting parental controls, usage limits and plan allocations that even work on WiFi.

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once-in-a-lifetime deals

Run one-time voice, text and data offers that differentiate your service offerings and excite your customers.

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relevant offers, in real-time

Display contextual {on-device} notifications allowing customers to purchase additional services on the fly.

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timely top ups

Give customers the ability to top up their services {on device} whenever they are running low.

Plan Usage

Talk 60%
Text 80%
Data 70%

cloud billing and usage

Enable customers to manage every aspect of their account profile {on device}. They can view their entire billing history, change and add payment methods, view account usage, and even share plans with any device on their account. Never send a paper bill again.

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new ways to pay for data

Allow retailers to pay for their customers’ data when using their applications.

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partnerships and promotions

Allow other brands to sponsor the data needed for customers to use their apps in order to run promotions and entice new subscribers.

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sponsored services, right meow

Offer your customers free access to the latest apps or trending content to increase loyalty and data usage.

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content bundles

Bundle content and apps, like a social media bundle, to encourage new smartphone customers to use data.

Sprint Selects ItsOn’s Smart Service™ Virtual Network Technology To Power Future No-Contract Mobile Services

“With ItsOn’s technology, Sprint sees an opportunity to give no-contract consumers greater choice and real-time control of their mobile service.”

~ Dow Draper, president, Sprint Prepaid Group (SPG)


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