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ItsOn is helping mobile carriers transform their services into digital experiences, today. Learn more about the Digital Service Provider evolution.

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The Digital Transformation

The rules of wireless have changed. Customer expectations have grown. The speed of innovation has dramatically increased. So have carrier costs. At the same time, more powerful and lower cost Internet technologies have disrupted multiple industries and are powering a new class of wireless competitors.

Carriers are standing on the edge of the digital transformation.

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50 Billion

In 2020, there will be an estimated 50 billion active connected devices.



80% of adults on earth will own a smartphone.


1 Billion

An estimated one billion people will come

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The NextGen Super User

Today, more time is spent on mobile apps than on all of the web. App providers are leading mobile innovation and defining the most favorable mobile user experience with every update. The increase in app and device sophistication and the predicted increase in global device saturation, means the hyper-connected future is right around the corner.

Tomorrow’s opportunities will depend on understanding and engaging a new breed of customer.

Mobile is Eating the World

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The Digital Service Provider

By using ItsOn’s client-cloud technology, our mobile partners are free to design an endless number of digital service experiences for their customers. The ItsOn platform gives carriers the ability to create a digital customer experience, opening up opportunities to engage in a completely new and personalized way.

Leveraging the ubiquitous nature of the device, paired with a nimble and highly scalable cloud, carriers can enhance their traditional vertical offerings of voice, text and data plans with innovative horizontal services, such as entertainment bundles and m-Commerce, delivering more personalization, greater transparency and control.

ItsOn enables the digital service provider transformation, allowing carriers to quickly deliver the types of digital services customers demand.

How it Works

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timely top ups

Give customers the ability to top up their services, anytime, anywhere, all within their mobile device.

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sponsored services

Allow third-party companies to sponsor the data needed for customers to use their apps in order to run promotions and entice new subscribers.

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relevant offers, in real-time

Display contextual, on-device notifications allowing customers to purchase additional services on the fly.

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once-in-a-lifetime deals

Run one-time voice, text and data offers that differentiate your service offerings and excite your customers.

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